….. a feathered point of view!


Yeah, just give me a minute or two. I’ll be okay as soon as my head clears up. I flew into this damn black tinted glass wall panel. There ought to be a law against letting you guys build houses with those things. Looks just like an opening under the overhang ….. then “bang-o”, you fly right into it!

Don’t get so close and watch that thumb! Remember, I’m the one that just got knocked out and just because I got up on your finger and let you pick me up doesn’t make you the President of the local Audubon Society. Who the hell are you anyway? I may be just a dizzy catbird with a bad headache but you are the most decrepit looking thing I’ve seen in the whole neighborhood. Your beak looks like it has a brush underneath it. Your feathers are all white and scraggly and what are those red spots on your head? I bet they’re mites! You never get rid of those things.



Wait a minute, who’s this taking my picture? You think that just because I crash into this pile of glass, termites, and bleached out old cypress that you can feature me in one of your “touchy-feel-good” photo shoots or some low budget back to nature documentary?


bird3I don’t think so, and those are mites ….. I’m out ‘a here!

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