Things I Remember ….

Cross Bars                 girls didn’t have’em

T.t..s                            some girls did            have’em

Project Kids                C.L. Crider and Nevin Compton were two I remember. They got to come to school (Southboro) barefoot, bring their lunch in a brown paper bag, and liked to eat guavas. They were also the best athletes and all the girls loved them. None of the above applied to me.

Punch Boards            The 1940’s equivalent of a game boy (on the bars in local beer joints). Later on; girls that hung out at the Cat Cave.

Play Period                 before we had Recess, PE, phys-ed etc. My second best subject in elementary school.

Keeps to Right when passing                      my best subject in elementary school.

40 cents a week            amount my customers paid me to deliver the Miami Herald every day of the week plus a visit on Friday or Saturday to “collect”!

Rubber Machines            For years I thought they held up the walls in truck stop men’s rooms.

Mysterious ring on your leather wallet            what you got when you stopped believing the previous. (but might just as well have)

I love you. Do you love me?                 words on the little heart shaped Valentines Day cards….it was a multiple choice question   Yes (   )          No (   )     Maybe (   )

Silver ID Bracelet            A gift from my mother I wore for only one week after Christmas in 1955…fell in love, gave it to a girl. Susie Kennedy have you still got it? If so maybe …

Board Up            what we did before a hurricane because we didn’t have TV or store bought bottled water and we didn’t know how to “Hunker Down”

Dirty Words               painted under the bridges and overpasses……….you knew they were dirty, you just didn’t know why?

Savings Stamps            At the post office or even in the classroom: purchase over time, then lick and paste 188 ten cent or 75 twenty-five cent individual stamps in a little book then exchange your book for a $25, 10 year Savings Bond.

Christmas Clubs            Always a bank favorite; you get in your car and drive downtown, deposit 5 dollars each week for 50 weeks, then in December the bank gives you your $250 back to go shopping (or buy a bridge – your choice).

Nowalayme            first word every night at bedtime

Test Pattern            it had an Indian in the center circle and seemed to last forever

Mi-am-a            the big town down US 1

Ra-vear-a          the not so big a town (especially when the bluefish were running) up US 1

The Range Line            State Road 7

Shelby Road               now Forrest Hill Blvd west of the Seaboard RR

Judge Chillingsworth             we were sure he was buried under the Jai-Alai fronton front wall?

Shuey’s            the restaurant on the north side of the old US 1 Bridge at Jupiter

Brylcreem            a little dab never did me

The Glades            the whole world west of Sandy Campbell’s father’s church

Miami,… Daily,… News,… Paper……………Daily,… News,… Paper              The timeless and immortal words the old crippled gentleman would beseech us with beside his wife outside Morrison’s Cafeteria on Sunday after church.

Gotta go now! Coffee is perking and my wife just told me to “go get the newspapers”. But I do have an announcement to make:

Tell all of my old football coaches, here and in Heaven, that I am finally a better player than all of those guys on all of the other teams that I ever played against. I can never forget that no matter who my coach was or whether it was Jr. High, PBHS, or college – we always got the same “pep-talk” before facing a particularly fierce opponent. At Conniston it was before the Palm Bowl when we would face the All Stars. As a Wildcat it came before we got walloped by Miami High or Edison, and at Georgia Tech I got the same advice from Bobby Dodd before facing Bear Bryant’s boys at Alabama …

“Just remember; they put their pants on one leg at a time just like you do!”  

Here lately I find it all but impossible to balance on one leg, so I just sit down on the toilet, fit my feet into both legs of my trousers, then stand before pulling them up. Coach, I have finally arrived! Now if I could only still remember how to pee standing up, I could be “ALL AMERICAN”.


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