The morning after ….

Dear classmates,

Sammy and I have completed our voyage and now is a good time to reflect on a wonderful 12 days.

Feb Voyage 068

Seafood Festival in Everglades City (2012)

There is no need to tell about what we did or where we went because, thanks to Ruthie Hall and Mr. Bigbie, everyone has followed our every move. My thoughts this “morning after” are centered on the matters that could not be conveyed by email text and photos. The many hours Sammy and I had to backtrack on the days of our youth. To be able to make the confessions and ask the questions that a man will only answer truthfully when he has acknowledged his own mortality and many years have transpired since sitting on the bench backs at the Campus Shop. I’m sure if we could have had the entire male population of the Class of “58” on board with us, and sharing our candor, we could have resurrected the virginity of all the ladies on the Hill. Well almost all.

Knowing that our classmates were following us made all the difference in the world. This mind set let us not only capture the moments as they came but inspired us to seek out and create those that might be of interest to others. Unwittingly, the crew of the Blue Heron had become characters in a sort of reality TV show for a very exclusive and special audience. Sammy did not have time to get bored with me because he was always faced with another deadline from Ruthie for “more pictures”.

Voy 2

I want to thank all of “Wildcat Nation” for the support you gave us. I want to extend special thanks to Martha Carter for her fabulous needlework on the burgee and to the “notorious 9” that met with us along the way. Each of these classmates sacrificed in their own way to make our passage unforgettable.

Jerry Browning             (promised me he would not report the engine failure on our Champagne shake down cruise – he lied!)

Voy 1Doris Wedge        (questioned the sleeping arrangements when the engine quit in the middle of the river – almost like she had heard that story before?)

Johnny Wallace            (first one on the dock at Clewiston – he drove all the way from WPB and swore it was not to shack-up with Rosanne Tracy)

                                                            Voy 3aRosanne Tracy            (tears in all our eyes when we kissed and said goodnight at the marina in Clewiston – it was late …..9:15 PM.)

Sandra Peacock            (what can I say?.. a beautiful lady that put out the “muck mat” of welcome in Clewiston like no one else ever could have. Sandy, our prayers are with you and your husband.)

Voy 4       Voy 5

Billy Wilkinson            (a Club Med for a home and a welcome including a newly installed 50 amp shore power cable kept us on Marathon for two nights)

Feb Voyage 157Connie Berry              (after finding Miami’s “no name harbor” for our anchorage; a wonderful visit and a very personal and challenging revelation about her youth)

Norman Jones            (a man so determined to meet up with us that he was going to row an 8 foot boat from the Riviera causeway in 45 degree 25 mile/hour winds)

Feb Voyage 196Cynthia Bryant            (our only two time hook up; Cynthia was almost a third crew member and was aboard both on our first and last days…by the way, the strudel was fantastic with this morning’s coffee!)

That’s it. Enough said., I love you all.

Jimmy Powell

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